sup yoga

Where there is love, there is life. – Gandhi


Yoga on a paddleboard adds a fresh new dynamic. When I first started practicing on a board, it was like approaching yoga as a beginner/child again. You have to engage everything or you fall in, which is a really great and fresh reminder for someone who has been practicing for years and years, or even for your first time practicing yoga. It was just another beautiful learning experience for me in my journey and now I just love so much experiencing my love of the ocean and of yoga at the same time.

one-on-one supy classes; just you and me

Are you nervous about trying yoga on a board or even just being on the board? Let’s get together for a one-on-one sup yoga class. If you’ve not tried sup yoga, it is really something you must do!! It is so incredibly peaceful being on the water, and bringing your practice there. Contact me to schedule a time.

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Hope to see you on the water!!